Just what every great neighbourhood needs, a great restaurant by the sea…built in 1863.

The logo design is based on an illustration of the historic building that houses the Masthead Restaurant, originally constructed in 1863 as the Colombia Hotel in Cowichan Bay, BC. This building is somewhat of a landmark in the area, and was a natural fit to incorporate into the design. Clean, bold lines show the heritage aesthetics of the building while creating an inviting atmosphere to the logo mark.

The print ads were created to skew towards a younger clientele as the demographic was getting ‘aged’. The owner received a ton of great feedback and the odd snouty remark had a set reply that got a laugh out of the customers.

Factor Creative designed two house wines with a ‘roaring’ 1920’s vein. Contraband was illustrated with Al Capone and prohibition in mind while Floozie embraces the wilder side of life.